"Do you want them to put their hands in your pockets?"

Translation:Volete che mettano le loro mani nelle vostre tasche?

August 11, 2013

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Does this sentence have another meaning or is it just one those weird duolingo sentences ? :)


I think it could be understood on a metaphorical level, both in English and Italian: "putting your hand in your pocket", in many languages, can mean "to pay for something" (because you keep your money in your pocket). Putting you hand in someone else's pocket often means to take their money. So this might be "do you want your tax dollars to fund these people?", or something similar.

On the other hand, it might be about getting searched at an airport security check. Lots of possibilities :-).


One of the answers on multiple choice was "Volete che mettano le loro mani nelle tue tasche?" Is it normal to mix the plural and singular forms of you?


I don't know, but think it could be. The phrase could mean "their hands in the pockets of all you taxpayers" or "their hands in your (Joe Bloggs's) pockets.

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