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"Lei riceve uno stipendio alto."

Translation:She gets a high salary.

February 10, 2015



any reason stipend would be wrong? Seems an obvious answer to me!!!


A stipend in English usually refers to a regular but small ALLOWANCE.. whereas the Italian cognate refers to regular wages and salaries. Small but significant enough difference.. so no.. it's not an obvious answer at all!


Okay so what is the word for stipend?


Although technically correct it seems slightly anal as both Italian and English words are from the Latin root stipendium and salary is historically derived from sal because Romans were paid salt for their labor. I agree with your observations but I feel that you ignore the bigger picture.


it's not only technically correct, it's actually correct. in the us a stipend is not a salary. it is often not for work you do but to allow you to not have to work. and is almost never more than nominal, meaning not high or big. I checked Langenscheidt, barron and oxford dictionaries and non list 'stipend' as an acceptable definition for stipendio. this is an example of the way language changes as it crosses cultural divides.


What's the 'bigger' picture? I am fully aware of the word's etymology. I am looking at this from the contemporary usage of the word in English. The OP was quite insistent on the 'obviousness' of the answer which I tried to counter with my argument.


You seem to have the impression that this discussion is of utmost importance. The answer is not obvious to everyone and I simply expressed my viewpoint, as you have expressed yours. I neither know, nor care who 'the OP' is. For beginners in learning Italian this point is of no value to me except that it did not enhance my learning process. Have a glass of warm milk and a good day.


while learning any new material, viewpoint (opinion) is of little value and can, in fact, confuse the issue. facts, on the other hand, are valuable commodities. especially for beginners.


in Russia "stipendium" means amount of money received by a student from the government for studying well in university or other educational institutions. isn't it so in Europe?


Here in Italy we say "borsa di studio"


In Austria and Germany too


Same in Croatia, a scholarship


Dare I say this is its most frequent use in the United States, too. But we drop the Latin "ium" suffix.


According to my English to Italian dictionary stipendio is stipend. The dictionary also lists paga and salario for wage. I have noticed often Duolingo will only accept one word as correct when there could be more than one correct answer.


"get" is an ugly English word. Suggest replacing it with "receives" or better, "earns" (if she actually works eight hours for eight hours of pay). Enough philosophy. Grazie.


Can someone explain the difference between un and uno?


high pay not accepted.


why is it "uno" stipendio instead of "un"?


She earns a good salary- why not?


Stipend is a salary


Stipend is an allowance.. not a salary.


Stipend is a salary...it does not imply high or low, thus you are not helping in determining or clarifying the correct answer...


In correct english not american slang the correct term is ' she recieves a high salary not use the term gets a high salary!!?!


She receives a higher salary is correct ❤❤❤ Duolingo???


stipend means the same as wage, therefore it should be accepted.


The use of the verb to get only reflects a lack of culture, The correct answer is: She receives a high stipend...


"a large income" = "a high salary"? I thought so...


If you stick to the Duo hints you'll progress more rapidly. And when you have an equally correct version report to to Duo for addition. Check out the Guidelines (included in the post) for other idea.

Have a look here:



is sticking to hints more progress? i like to try to use as little information as possible. such as listening first and then looking to see if i get it. i also rarely hover, and try to guess the meaning. i think this is funner and more helpful for learning. But honestly I am not sure. i have a pretty loose opinion of language.


Of course you're right. But when Duo introduces completely new vocab there is little choice but to look it up. Benjamin Franklin has written: "The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it." Most knowledge comes to us from external sources. Guessing can be counter productive. Don't worry Duo will give you lots of opportunities to internalize the vocab=doing revisions to keep your tree golden.


Salaries are 'big' or 'large', never 'high'. However, a job can be 'highly paid'. Mine isn't, but many are. Mine's crap.


Well, in AE "high salary" is often used.


Also in Australia


I'm a yank and high sounds right to me... large just sounds wrong.


she receives a raise??

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