I don't get how you use this immersion option.

I am learning French.


February 10, 2015



You can check out the Immersion Navigation Guide and the Immersion Community Guidelines first, and if you have any questions left after reading them I'll be happy to answer them here. :)

Thanks, I sort of get it but how do I translate the article? When I click on a line, it just shows me someone else's translation!

Look for blue lines, those are the ones not yet translated. The grey/black lines will already have been translated by others, but you can still edit them -if- there are mistakes in them, or just click 'Looks good' if they look right to you.

If you go to the Immersion page and set the 'All documents' tab to sort by newest first (I don't remember if this is the default), then the top articles should be freshly uploaded and have a lot of blue sentences for you to start translating.

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