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Pronounce de as dom...

Isn't it possible to tweak the TTS a little bit, by changing "de" to "dem" before it gets rendered by the tts, in order to have it pronounced right?

February 10, 2015



We're currently testing a new voice that does get de/dem pronunciation right as /dom/. Hopefully it'll work out fine and we stay with the new voice.


oh right, so dom really is the right way to say "de", is it?

I was confused... still not sure where the M comes from.... but the new voice seems to be working if that is indeed the right way to say it.


Yes, "dom" is the way to pronounce both "de" and "dem". The two words are actually merging into one in Swedish. Many people accept, with good reasons, "dom" instead of "de/dem" in written Swedish as well. (I would personally recommend new learners to write this way.)

Though, Swedish speakers in Finland may have a different view of this.


I would say that "dom" is only generally accepted in informal writing, which is the only place it occurs to begin with.

Also, learners of Swedish don't tend to have issues keeping de and dem distinct, so why not learn the normal usage to begin with?


I don't really disagree. But this professor of Swedish makes a good case for abandoning the distinction (link in Swedish): http://www.svd.se/kultur/skriftspraket-moget-for-att-infora-dom_3845622.svd


The m comes from the object form dem, which has been replacing de in the standard language of Sweden for the past 50 years or so, and which has been colloquially pronounced dom for centuries.

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