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Latest update ruined the app. (10th Feb)

This latest update has ruined a section of the iOS app.

The section were it asks you to SPEAK THIS SENTENCE use to have a small button to replay the sentence to speak. As well it use to show the sentence that you had to speak. Now the iOS app does not show the sentence to speak. This is making this section impossible when trying to learn a new part of the language.

Also, when trying to speak the sentence why do I now have to press and hold the button ? It was working fine before.

February 10, 2015



Just had another go. And yes on the speak the sentence section. The app is now pointless as it doesn't also show the sentence to speak.

Please revert this change, and the PRESS AND HOLD the button change ASAP.

All this is making me do is miss the speak this sentence section.

Why did someone have to make this stupid change ?


Good morning. Agreed when I was on the iPhone. I noticed this as soon as I updated. Is it possible to revert to the previous microphone function.


I also posted this in the Discussion section like Dave. I disagree that it's a bad feature. But I do see how it's challenging and annoying to some users. I think it should instead be made into an optional on/off feature. Having finished my tree, the new "repeating" test is incredibly challenging and again making the app useful for me. So I'd like to see it stay. But I also recognize some people hate it, and they should have the option to not use it.


Well like I said, now the Speak This Sentence part of the app is totally useless when learning a new tree. You need to be able to see what you are saying.

And about turning the feature on and off. You can already do that. Just turn the mic off.


It's useless to you. I find it very useful to me, since I have trouble "hearing" Spanish. This is forcing me to get better. I get to see what they were saying afterwards. Maybe add a button that says "give up" on that question, because sometimes I just can't figure it out.


How can you get better if your starting a new tree and don't know the words. The system needs changing back. I for one will not be using this part now.


I didn't disagree with you that it's probably tough for new users. But it's a huge value-add for people who have finished the tree. That's why I suggest an optional on/off toggle in the settings for it, which makes both of us happy.


I agree and, respectfully, I don't see much value for it with trees I've finished. There are plenty of times that the spoken sentences are harder for me to understand than when I'm speaking with a rl natural speaker, so seeing the sentence confirms for me that I heard it properly. I don't feel it helps me to get it wrong due to problem with Duolingo's audio. That's not a ding against Duo—I'm sure they're doing their best. I just recognize that Duo audio has imperfections that I am able to recognize quickly with the sentence there and pronounce it properly anyway.

For example there is one sentence where "vegetariano" is clearly said incorrectly and I thought it was a different word (yes I reported it). I was able to say it correctly because I saw the word it was supposed to be—and that it what I am supposed to be learning, how to pronounce the words I'm reading not just only rely on the audio to tell me how to say them.

I wouldn't mind them developing a toggle on/off for everyone to have a choice however, until they do, I'd really like for them to switch it back to the way it was.


Actually. After a few days, I've noticed that the old SPEAK THIS SENTENCE is still there, and the new one without the written words is just a newly added feature ?


Good morning. Again, agreed. Can you please revert to the previous operation regarding the microphone etc.? Thank you.


I'm on an island here as the only person who likes the new change :( I do agree a "slow" button on the repeat-in-Spanish questions would be helpful, as well as clicking once to record vs. holding down.


agreed. thank you


I agree totally.... Before it was ´´perfect ´´. Please, come back to the previous system or add this new button as said by baseballmrs

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