"Credo che sarei felice se una persona come te mi aspettasse."

Translation:I believe that I would be happy if someone like you waited for me.

August 11, 2013



I use this sentence all the time! ;-)

February 26, 2016


Why can't "una persona" be "one person"?

November 2, 2015


I also translated it as "one person" and reported an error.

September 6, 2017


Because that would be nonsensical broken English. "I believe that one person like you"--not technically incorrect grammatically, but very broken indeed. We say "someone" or "a person." You don't call someone "one person." Just......no. No, sweetie.

December 4, 2017


Hmm ... I've just learnt a word I didn't know in English.

belive to remain, stay, abide, continue
Source: https://www.wordnik.com/words/belive

That algorithm which detects typos and lets them pass by if they don't create actual words? It knows words in my native language that I don't know - it failed me for belive. :-(

July 2, 2016


Wow, this sentence is challenging. Ouch.

January 23, 2016


I can't see how DL can mix up the definitions of Italian words. " Qualcuno" means "someone". "Una persona" is "a person" or "one person".

May 13, 2016


why not 'you will be happy'?

February 15, 2015


Because that would be "sarai", not "sarei". It's first-person conditional tense here.

October 1, 2015


I tried "I believe that i would be happy if one person like you waited for me".

February 23, 2016


why not "if a person like you were waiting for me?"

August 18, 2016


Isn't 2nd person subjunctive imperfect of aspettare aspettassi rather than aspettasse?

November 19, 2016


Yes, but "you" isn't the subject of the dependent clause. The subject is "someone", so it's "aspetasse".

November 19, 2016


one time you translate litterally, other times it sounds and reads like bull ❤❤❤❤ !!!

May 7, 2017


Again, why doesn't "one person like you" work?

June 24, 2017


Surely "one person" should be accepted

September 1, 2017


Why not instead of someone to use a person like you. Someone = a person?

May 22, 2018


It's basically the same meaning, but "someone" in Italian is "qualcuno." In this sentence it wouldn't make much of a difference, but there are other instances where "qualcuno" would definitely be wrong.

May 22, 2018


The subject of "credo" and "sarei" are the same, so it is not correct to use "che" plus subjunctive. It should read: "Credo di essere felice ... "

June 30, 2018


How do you get the conditional tense to work there?

Your sentence would make sense if the English wasn't "I would be..."

June 30, 2018


Why una persona instead of qualcuno?

December 20, 2018


Die Antwort steht schon da

March 28, 2019


I'm having a real problem with the male voice in the spoken recordings. And it begs a question as to whether Italians actually speak as he does, which is hyper-rapidly with nearly no emotional inflection at all... When you look at the emotion inherent in the sentence above, it makes little sense that it would be spoken as he speaks it to anyone upon whom he actually wanted to have an effect. I tried speaking the English translation at that pace with no emotion, and it is equally as difficult to understand. Because nothin in his spoken sentence sounds any different than anything else, I end up having to replay it half a dozen times just to separate the words, let alone decipher what he is expressing. I truly don't understand DouLingo...

May 14, 2019


Of course Italians speak with emotional inflection. The voice recordings they use here are not recordings of actual people reading these exact sentences. It's imperfect, because that's the nature of a free online course, but there are plenty of ways you can listen to real Italians speak Italian (e.g. news sites, YouTube, etc.)

May 14, 2019


I said: I believe that I would be happy if a person like you waited for me. MARKED WRONG. Reporting!!

May 27, 2019


Friendzone sucks! :-/

June 27, 2014
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