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  5. "Lei mente sulla sua età?"

"Lei mente sulla sua età?"

Translation:Does she lie about her age?

August 11, 2013



Why "sulla" here? Is that the preposition that mentere typically takes or is it specific to this phrase?


That is the way Italians and Spanish speakers talk. Literally says: "She lies over her age" and that translation probably makes no sense to English speakers.


Thanks chatee. Sometimes just a tweak of vocabulary unlocks the secret. "She lies on her age" made no sense but "she lies over her age" clicked for me.

I can also think of this like "She lies on [the topic of] her age."


She lies on her age; I lie on the sofa.


"about" would work too :)


Also works the same way in French. :)


Actually, if we were directly translating, it would be, "She lies on her age." "Over" would be "sopra" or perhaps "oltre.". But that would make no sense, would it? I would've expected, "Lei mente della età.", but I guess I'm wrong.


«su» in this case means "about"


It is the contraction of su + la


Damn right she lied. All women lie about their age.


Could a translation be "she lies about his age"?


No, because "lei" means "she"


Doesn't sua apply to whether or not the object is masc. or fem., rather than the subject/owner. Does the sentence specify that it must be her name or someone else's?


Sorry, I didn't read your previous question correctly. Yes, I suppose you are right: it could also be "his age", but it's more often that people lie about their own age rather than that of someone else.


Yes, and that's one thing that makes me crazy about romance languages. All this fuss about gender agreement for objects which have no actual gender, and yet ambiguity with regard to creatures with actual gender in pronouns.


What are you saying dude. If you dont know what you are talking about dont act like you do


And my grandmother actually inflated her age on occasion. So the conversation would go: "You don't look 80!" and her response was: "I'm not; I'm 92". (Truth be told, she was 88 and with full faculties). When asked why, she explained that it stopped 'those youngsters' (62-80 y/o) from complaining about their aches and pains!! 1Mar19... She lasted to 101 legitimate years.


Why isn't "You lie about your age?" accepted?


Because that would be «Lei mente sulla Sua età.», with a capital «S».


Are you lying about your age? should be totally accepted. Lei and sua is the polite form for you and yours.


But «sua» with a lowercase «s» can never mean "your(s);" it must be capital just like «Lei» must start with a capital letter.


Are you sure this is a hard and fast rule? My coworker who immigrated from Italy told me the capitalization is not required.


Oh, this is the way it was taught to me. I studied Italian in school for four years, but I guess it might not be required. I am not sure now. :)


I was taught by DL that mente meant "mind"???


Yes, the noun «mente» also means "mind," but the verb «mente» is a conjugation of the verb «mentir» and means "(he/she/it/you [formal]) lies." In English, the word "down" can mean a direction or a type of bird feather. This happens a lot in languages.


I had no idea what this sentence meant but I managed to get it right? is that cheating


Absolutely not! That's how you learn. Even in conversation, one can fill in the gaps and learn that way too, without knowing the meaning of the whole thing. :)


is anyone else hearing 'ega' instead of 'eta' on both slow and fast recordings?


The problem is that can be referred to the person you are speaking to because the formal way to say things is "lei" in italian. so also "you" is correct in this sentence (I am italian lol)


I typed 'Is she lying about her age ?' and it was marked wrong, I don't know why though...


By adding the gerund, you change the meaning, subtlely.

Sta mentendo sulla sua età?


Actually, I wrote 'She is lying about her age ?'; same thing, don't know why it was marked wrong.


Dove sono le "bugie - bugia"?


Do you lie about your age? , if we take "Lei" like spanish "usted"


Is it only me or Dou's sentences sometimes sound sexist?


I do not understand how this sentence may be regarded as sexist. @.@ What do you mean?


Because some of the sentences imply the stereotypes.


What stereotype? I think this stems more from a cultural etiquette matter, since it is impolite to ask a woman her age. I never really understood that, since it is not rude to ask a man his age; it is a double standard, really.


well, off course all the stereo types originate from patriarchal culture, but if we were to accept them and use them everywhere, nothing would have been changed.

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