"The man is drinking the wine."

Translation:Mannen dricker vinet.

February 10, 2015

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Why is "mannen ar dricker vinet" wrong?


We don't use a contiuous form like "is drinking" in Swedish (and if we had, the sentence would have been "mannen är drickande vinet" but that just sounds very weird :)).

So, "the man drinks the wine" and "the man is drinking the wine" will both be translated to "mannen dricker vinet".


When using words with the what is the differance between adding a 'n' to the end and adding a 't' to the end? For example, äpplet and pojken. Why does äpple add a 't' to the end and pojke add a 'n'?


I believe it's a gender thing, where pojke has a common gender while äpple has a neutral gender.

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