New friends!

I want friends to pratice english ;3

August 11, 2013

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I want to making friends to talking in english. I am training

So do I, please add me !

hi everybody, what do you think if we create a group in facebook ... ??? we could talk in english, change link and materials ... do you agree or disagree ... ???

I agree. If you will create... Tell me!

Me too!! its would to be very good!! so if you create tell me also!! ^^

agree, add me please

Im fine thx, and u? Im Nara nice to meet u! how about u? :)

Hi Hayunara, how are u?

Im fine!! thanks! and you? your real name is Haruko? Where are you from? ^^

My real name is Vitória, but I think in english my name is Victoria... So... I'm from Brazil! How about you?

oh So you is Brazilian haha i thought you were japanese! so im Hayunara! im brazilian too ^^ how old r you?

Hi friends! Whats up? I'm Robson Santos, I'm from Brazil, live São Paulo. I look for friends to practice English, follow me @robson_rh (twitter) and robsonsantosrh (Skype). Welcome in my life!

Hi! I'm Vitória! I'm from Brazil... And I live in SP too! Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. I went back to studying again today.

i want to meet new friends, too

i like to practice duolingo

i name e daniel

*my name is daniel. usas 'i' quando queres dizer 'eu' e 'my' quando algo é teu,ou seja, significa 'meu'.

Hello! My name is Adri, I can not speak English but want to practice.

i want to practice too. the language english is not very dificult it is more dificult is change our cogitation. i think so.

hello,how are you?

I'm fine and you?

Where are you from?

Teclo of Olinda-Pernambuco-Brazil

Great!!! I'm from Florianópolis. Do you know?

And you key to where?

yes,i think this beautiful town.

Hi peaks! Where are you from?

i am from north of portugal : D and you?

I'm from Brasil, Florianópolis. Do you know?

no, but i will research about this local. : )

I also want friends to practice english ;)

oi, pessoa que eu não conheço ainda tudo bele?

hey let´s we are here for that 8-)

I too need mor friends to know how speak english .

hey everybody! do you know about a facebook group of duolingo?

Hi guys. I want to learning more. If somebody want add me at skype,please add me.

So do I ...please add me !

It's so good to pratice!!!!!!! Nice pic of Hagane no renkinjutsushi

duolingo the best

I also need to make new friendships,preferably with people who speak . my site of fecebbok is:Renally santos.wait!!!

Do you found me!

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