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Danish speaking exercises?

Does anyone know if there are Danish speaking exercises? If not, does anyone know the best way to learn speaking Danish? Speaking, reading and writing are completely different, especially when it comes to pronunciation. I admit, I want to pronounce all of the letters but I know that in Danish that is horribly incorrect. Thanks for any replies.

February 10, 2015



A quick google search came up with the site: http://www.danskabc.dk/udtale/

You'll have to choose danish, and then click the book on the right side with the text "Start udtaleprogram: Dansk/Dansk".

In the "Sætninger" section you can hear multiple different sentences pronounced, slowly or quickly, with a male or female voice. You can record your own pronounciation, and though the program doesn't give you feedback, you can compare the pitch of your speech with that of the computer.


Thank you so much, this will hopefully help


Thank you so much, I send you a lingot!

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