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"Mi chiamarono dopo qualche giorno."

Translation:They called me after a few days.

February 10, 2015



In Italian both "qualche" and "alcune/i" translate as "some" in english. Qualche for both masculine and feminine singular while alcune/i is used for masculine or feminine plural.

I've noticed while living in Italy that often native speakers will say something like this "qualche giorno" a singular "day" and the accompanying "some" to refer to "a handful of days" as well as in other cases. I was wondering if there is any sort of rule for when we can use "qualche giorno" and when we should use "alcuni giorni"?


I thought giorno was singular yet it was translated as " days"


So this is a special case?


"Qualche" always uses a singular noun.


Grazie. That had me puzzled.


Giorno is singular? They called me after a few day???


qualche is always followed by a singular noun


Like many others I had the same query re singular 'giorno' but thanks to those with the correct grammar explanations it now makes sense. Thank you to those who posted those explanations.

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