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"She works as an interpreter between Swedish and English."

Translation:Hon arbetar som tolk mellan svenska och engelska.

February 10, 2015



Ia there any difference in meaning or formality between 'arbetar' and 'jobbar'?


No reply I see. I had the same mistake and think 'jobbar' is also correct. But maybe someone can help us out.


Both are equally fine, and they are synonymous. The word jobbar may be seen as somewhat more colloquial by some, but there is virtually no context where you can't choose freely between them as far as formality is concerned.


Can we say "...som 'en' tolk..."?


We don't use the article for 'working as' and in some other cases, I wrote a little about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6122883


Forgot theres no an...again


No Swede should ever say "mellan" two languages!


What? Yes we would. It's perfectly correct usage of the preposition.


That's not how the sentence would be structured in English. It really threw me off. We would just say "She is an English to Swedish interpreter." Is this just too far outside of acceptable Swedish sentence structure?


Interpreters frequently translate between languages, not just from one to the other.


But she isn't an English to Swedish interpreter. She translates into both languages as interpreter. Translators and interpreters in the UE work between 3 languages. Then you need to use 6 language combinations, if you don't want to use "between". 4 languages make 12 language combinations: SWE->GER, SWE-ENG, SWE-POL, GER-SWE, ENG->SWE, POL->SWE, GER->POL, POL->GER, ENG-POL, POL-ENG, GER-ENG, ENG-GER. Or you just say, that you work between Swedish, English, Polish and German.

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