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"I think that you have sent the wrong letter to the wrong boyfriend."

Translation:Jag tror att du har skickat fel brev till fel pojkvän.

February 10, 2015



So when using "fel" the noun does not need to be in definite form?


Indeed. Fel as an adjective is special, its respective noun cannot be definite.


Of her many boyfriends XD


Anything unclear?


Nothing grammar related, but this sentence desperatly needs context.


A guy's girlfriend or boyfriend has been cheating on him. :(


Since the English is unclear as to whether the "you" is singular or plural, let's give the benefit of the doubt and say two friends sent their boyfriends a letter each, but accidentally sent them to each other's boyfriends instead of their own.


What is the difference between 'som' and 'att'?


Both can be translated to 'that', but for different reasons.

'att' can be a CONJUNCTION similar to 'that', introducing a clause that complements a previous statement. That's happening in this case.

'som' can be used as a PRONOUN similar to 'that', indicating which thing/person is being referred to. "Det var hon som gjorde det" -> "It was she that did it."

So, they can both be translated to 'that', but only because 'that' has many different meanings!

Of course, 'att' and 'som' also have multiple meanings.

'att' can also introduce an infinitive verb, where English would use 'to'. And 'som' can be used as a comparison conjunction: "Flitig som ett bi" -> "Busy as a bee".

I'm sure there are ways to use/translate those words, as well. Silly slippery Germanic helper words.


wouldn't it be "she WHO did it" in English?


Both sound okay to me (a native speaker). who does sound a little better though. :)


Would appreciate if someone could answer this? Thank you! :)


Why not "brevet" and "pojkvännen"?


@Zmrzlina answered this above: "Indeed. Fel as an adjective is special, its respective noun cannot be definite."


Ah thank you! I didn't know that there is such a rule :)


What is the contextual difference between jag tycker and jag tror? I would have translated the swedish here, as I believe. Which is not the same thing exactly?


Tycker is to have an opinion, and tror is to believe. And then just to make things more interesting, tanker is to be in the act of thinking.

Jag tycker att blå är det bäste farg -- I think blue is the best color.

Jag tror att kjolan är i garderoben -- I think the skirt is in the closet.

Jag tanker på din fråga -- I am thinking about your question.

So yes, tror is the correct verb here.


I wrote Jag tanker att [...] and did not get accepted, should it be tanker på att [...]?


Tanker is the act of thinking, not the content of the thinking.


Why not felt brev as brev is an ett word


I guess that fel might be adding meaning to har in har skickat as "har fel", however I wonder what is it that the second fel adds meaning to..


I think tycker should also be accepted.. It might be the opinion of someone (for example; your other boyfriend who thinks you should have sent hím the letter instead of the one you sent it to), it cannot be derived from the sentence whether it is more of a belief or more of an opinion. I know, not very likely, but still possible.. right?


Can we say anser instead of tror? It is not the same but I think that both make sense

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