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  5. "Spiser krabben brødet?"

"Spiser krabben brødet?"

Translation:Is the crab eating the bread?

February 10, 2015



What is the problem with "does the crab eat the bread?" The system says it is incorrect


Yeah I want to know how in this instance the implied tense of the situation is "is" and how the question isn't also "does"


That could very well be what is meant IMO. Say someone is telling you about a particular crab that lives on a certaain beach, and how when they see it they always give it some bread. Your next question might be, "Does the crab eat the bread?" Would that not translate to "Spiser krabben brødet?"


It sounds like "brølt", us that correct?


A kinda.:-) Only unstead if "l" is the (danish) sofd "d".


I read my comment after a while and couldn't understand it. To everybody else who got confused: I had 2 typos there- it has to be "instead of".


I feel that "The crab is eating the bread?" should also be accepted. I know when asking if my cats are eating their food I'll say it that way sometimes.

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