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What CEFR level at completion of the course will I have?

February 10, 2015



That depends: are you running to the end, or do you take the time for each skill. Do you listening and speaking exercises and do you use other sources, like looking to videos, talking with native speakers,... The CEFR level is an indication for speaking, listening, reading and understanding. Duolingo is more for reading en writing, not so much for speaking and understanding of spoken language. There is also a difference between the different languages, the languages in beta or ex beta, and the help you get from other students. I think the best you can have is B1, and for speaking and listening A2. But it is only an indication, because it depends of the motivation, the time you spend, you knowledge of the language you have before you start Duolingo, and if yoy have native speakers in the neighbourhead,...


Thank you for your answer! :) I currently live in Sweden with my Swedish boyfriend, so I practice my speech daily and I ask him if I pronounce things right and so on.

I also understand most of what people are saying but the hardest thing for me is the grammar and the pronunciation, I come from the Netherlands and it's very different pronunciation (Because dutch is so "choppy" and we speak out the words very clearly.)

But yeah writing, reading and listening goes very well.


I'm from Belgium. I did some lessons Swedish and the pronunciation is'nt easy indeed. Good luck with your study and your boyfriend.

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