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"Der Bahnhof"

Translation:The train station

February 10, 2015



Is Bahnhof specific for "TRAIN station", or I can use it to indicate the bus stop, the airport, etc.?


When a German says "Bahnhof" without further specification, he means a train station.

There is also the word "Busbahnhof" which is quite specific and is only used for stops where lots of bus lines start and end. An ordinary bus stop is a "Bushaltestelle". On the other hand almost every point at which a train stops is called "Bahnhof".

An airport is "Flughafen".


From what word bahnhof cimes from. Slso i seen "Hbf" in german train station what does it stands for?


Hbf is the abbreviation for Hauptbahnhof (main station / central station).


Some one can explain me the origin of Bahnhof?


Can it be a station for buses too?


How would you say "We do not have a train station." using kein/keine?


Wir haben keinen Bahnhof.


Is Bahnhof used for just train station or for any station . What is a station in german ?


Wo ist der Bahnhof? (= Where is the train station)


So, does Hof mean station?


Any word with -hof refers to a confined place, best translated as "court". The original meaning of the word is "farm" (der Hof, der Bauernhof), even more specific the inner court yard of a farm. There are several types of Bahnhöfe. Simply just Bahnhof is train station (with Hauptbahnhof being the central/main station), Busbahnhof is bus station (but is usualy abbreviated to Bushof), U-Bahnhof (U-Bahn = Untergrundbahn, below the surface) is a subway station, S-Bahnhof (S-Bahn = Stadschnellbahn, lit. fast city track) is a tramway station. Since about two decades a new type of Hof has popped up everywhere in Germany: the Autohof. In the old days there were just simple parkings along the motorway, called Autobahnraststätte or simply Raststätte (a place to rest). When a gasstation/toilet/shop were added these Raststätte evolved into Rasthöfe (plural of Rasthof), like truck-stops in America or service stations in the UK. But the last decades these Rasthöfe have grown bigger and bigger, into a Autohof. These include supermarkets, McDonalds, motels, even cinemas, barbers, churches etc. And foremost car sellers. A Autohof usually includes a huge lot where you can buy/sell a econd hand car. In several cases Hof literally means court, like "am Hof der deutschen Kaisers" (at the court of the German emperor) or some important institutions, like "Bundesgerichtshof" (German High Court).

[deactivated user]

    Means "yard" as in factory yard, or similar.


    So does Bahnhof mean station or train station ?


    If i put the station will it work?


    Catchy and Nice word


    It could also be "metro station" or "subway station". I live Berlin and that's how the U stations are called too. (I wrote that but it says is a wrong answer.)


    Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof! actually means 'I don't understand anything!' :)


    Why is it not 'Das Bahnhof' ?


    Any word ending on "hof" is masculine. So, "der Bahnhof" as well.


    Duo accepts "the station" as an answer.


    I said railway station and got it 'wrong'!!!


    one more time, my response is not being accepted. I know how to say bahnhof as I lived in Germany for several yrs!


    How to use umlauts


    'The railway station' is an English alternative to 'the train station' and should be accepted in my view

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