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Easy books in Swedish and TV series to watch

Please recommend which books to read for someone who has just finished the tree and lives outside of Sweden. Also, please recommend which series to watch in Swedish, maybe cartoons, or movies. Also, please advise which other Swedish resources to use. Thank you.

February 10, 2015



www.swefilmer.com has tons of movies and tv shows. many of which you've most definitely seen :) I love watching the disney films redubbed in swedish :)


and if you are from latin america, i can recommend nordikens.es... it's has a lots of series and movies from escandinavia and another countries (like england or france)


There's this great sci-fi tv series called Äkta Människor, about a near future where nearly-human robots co-exist with regular people... I certainly can't understand every word, but when the robots (or hubots, in the show) speak, they usually do it in this very easy to understand robotic voice: "vill...du...ha...lite...vatten...?"

If you can find it -or any other swedish show -and watch it with swedish subtitles, that's a great way to practice.


I second this suggestion! It's also a great show just based on the story and the acting, especially if you want something that isn't your typical Scandinavian crime drama.


BTW, could anyone say if Astrid Lindgren's children's books have very difficult language? Wanting to read the Karlsson novels in the original is one of the things that have brought me to Swedish in the first place.


Bron/Broen is a really cool show and you shall be able to practice Swedish AND Danish at the same time. But you'll definitely need subtiltes here. However, it helped me. And if you have an Android phone, I can recommend you the Lyssna application. I practice my skills daily while listening to the news on P1


I saw all the seasons and it's a motivation to learn swedish (and later danish)


I think you'll enjoy Danish. Even though the spoken part is really hard


Bron/Broen is great -I didn't know about the Lyssna app, I'm checking it out right now.


I have just finished Short Stories in Swedish for Beginners by Olly Richards. I think it is really good.

There are eight short stories. The first has four chapters and I believe the rest have only three (did not go back and verify). Each chapter ends with a summary, a vocabulary list, and a five multiple choice question quiz. There is an answer key and a Swedish English Glossary. The book begins with an Introduction and chapters on How to Read Effectively and The Six-step Reading Process.

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