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  5. I've completed the tree! :D


I've completed the tree! :D

After a few months, and over 30 skills over the past 3 days, I've completed the Swedish tree!!! :D

This is definitely one of my favorite trees! The tree is very thorough, and full with many tidbits of information about Sweden, Swedish culture and references to many other things. It's a true joy to go through!

Thank you to all the moderators of the Swedish course! And to all the people who have encouraged me along the way.

I plan to keep practicing with my tree, find a Swedish pen-pal, listen to music and watch films in Swedish and read!

February 10, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Grattis! Hur mycket tid tog det? :)


    Tack! :) Det tog mig omkring två månader! :)

    [deactivated user]

      Jättebra! Grattis igen!


      Grattis! Since you know so many languages, it would be interesting to hear more about what you think about Swedish! For example, what is special, what is easy and what is difficult? Have you finished the Danish tree yet by the way?

      I really appreciated all the references to Swedish novels, films and songs too! I haven't seen that in any other course, but it could be that I'm just too ignorant to notice :).


      Tack! Well, for the Swedish course, the easiest part is basically everything. The only hard part for me is the pronunciation! I have yet to finish Danish.

      No, I don't think I've seen that in any of the other courses!


      Congratulations, Jack! That really is quite the accomplishment! 30 skills in three days, amazing! :D Good luck! Happy learning!


      Thank you so much!!! :D Yes, that, and doing little else :D You too!


      Well done! Congratulations!! (:


      Thank you so much, Puggie! :D


      Grattis!! Det är jättebra för dig :)


      Congratulations GeniusJack! I can't wait to finish my first tree. Is that your sixth or seventh tree finished (I can't tell if you have completed Portuguese) :)


      Thank you so much! It's my 7th tree, including English :)


      That was my reaction.

      I had to read it twice to believe it.


      Hahaha, there are others who have more trees than me accomplished! :D


      Where did you get that video? Ha!


      30 skills in 3 days? Horee shite purupurutsuntsun that's a lot. o.e

      If anyone got my reference I'll give them 27 lingots.


      Haha, thanks, I suppose. Swedish is one of the simplest languages I've studied.


      Really? For me I find it to be like one of the hardest ever! I can't remember the words/spellings, it's ridiculous. For me Dutch was the easiest, but that's because I've learned German for 4 years.

      Would you say you're like B1 or so in communication abilities? How many hours did you work per day on it? Are you just one of those people who naturally retains information very easily, to do 30 skills in a day?


      Haha, the hardest for me is (and was!) German! It's just not that difficult for me.

      Nah, at the moment I'm probably still A2. I have great short term memory, but I really need to review now. After a bit of review I'll be B1 in communication abilities easy. I don't know how many hours, tbh!




      Thank you very much!!! :)


      Congratulations!! I'm glad you enjoyed the tree as much as I did. >^..^<


      Thanks, Mjau!! I really did, it's just great! Now for lots and lots of review! \^O^/


      Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


      That is a wholly fantaspectaculous achievement! Congrats on seven trees!!!!


      Hahaha, thank you!!!!! :D


      You finish the tree on the day I decide to start it. O.O Grattis!


      Tack! Technically, it's the day after :P


      Congrats! I've only just started myself so seeing that people are managing the whole thing in just a short time is really encouraging :) Well done!


      Do you try to focus on one language for long periods or do little bits of each one every day/week/whatever?


      I study each language as I feel I need review in it! :) While continuously learning new things (in several languages).


      Congratulations, Jack. Wow, I am amazed. Good work! :)


      This is GREAT Jack ^___^ wish u best of luck :) ♥ happy learning


      Thank you so much! ^_^


      grattis geniusjack ! jag kommer bakifrån, så se upp, den kommer att bli en hård kamp mellan oss till toppen :D och jag har ännu 5 språk som finnas inte här men varav kommer jag att få ugglor :D hur är det med dig ?


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