"Mannen äter bröd och dricker vatten."

Translation:The man is eating bread and drinking water.

February 10, 2015

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Why is it "is drinking" and not "drinks"?


You can say either


I am asking myself the same question


Swedish doesn't make a difference between them. The same phrase translates to both.


Duolingo only marks the sentence as correct if you type "is eating/drinking" though


We do accept "The man eats bread and drinks water". If you're marked wrong for exactly that, please leave an error report - that way, we can either see the error or pass it on to the developers.


Is "och" supposed to be silent(ish)? The narrator just shoots right over it and I don't know if it's that's the way it's supposed to be said or if its just the computer...if that makes sense..


I hear a short, barely audible "y" between "brod" and "dricker" here. Do you hear the same? If you hear even less, maybe there's a glitch that makes the program skip the "och" in your browser or something.


I hear a short "o" as if the ch is silent. But when you click on "och" you hear the all the letters pronounced.


I wrote "The man eats bread and is drinking water" and is marked as wrong.


You can probably use either "eats + drinks" or "is eating + is drinking", but they're not normally mixed in practice.


Man! I feel like this language is harder when you're half awake especially listening to this sentence at full speed.


Im a swedish person from Stockholm and have been speaking swedish my whole life, but it says "it doesn't sound right"........seriously?!


Well, you did say you are from Stockholm... :p

Seriously, though, the voice recognition software is notoriously bad. I'd honestly recommend turning it off entirely.


EXACTEMENT WHY eating and not eat


Swedish doesn't make a difference, so both ways are fine.


U can use then both


There doesn't seem to be a difference between "is drinking" and "drinks" in the Swedish language, so this should not be deemed wrong.


I wrote 'The man eats bread and drinks the water' and it wrote 'ooops, wrong' and then showed me the sam answer -.-


No, water isn't definite here. "Vatten" is the indefinite form, the definite is "vattnet".


Is och pronunciation is silent?


No, but the ch is usually silent, so it's just a short vowel.


Looks like "man's" is missing from this one too.



I've added feedback everywhere I've found this happening so far, though haven't left anymore comments apart from here.


Appreciate it. :) I think those were supposed to be created automatically, so they may be missing in quite a few places. I've gone through error reports for most of the course and added them whenever appropriate, but I don't usually read the error reports for the earliest skills - literally not even one in tousand is correct, so it's not worth the effort. Better to get the feedback through comments then, instead. :)


Does "vatten" already has the definite article?


Ahhhhhh I cant speak but it sounds right to me


i replayed it countless times and brod sounds like draed, i had to do cant listen now because it was impossible


I wrote "the man is eating bread and drinks water" and I got it wrobg


Mannen äter bröd och dricker vatten. there are two choices : 1- The man eats /is eating bread and drinking water . there is no difference between the two .


Why is it marking water??


Yes this one is flawed. Just like others say, still.

I wrote: The man is eating bread and drinking water. And it turned red and said incorrect (I triple checked spelling and missing words etc). Next time it came up a couple of questions later I did the eats/drinks version and..... it gives as an alternate solution word for word what I tried earlier which it said was incorrect...


I don't get this.


I don't know where to comment this correctly, but I do not like the new scheme allowing only to achieve 20 xp in the highest category. Everybody in our family wants to stay in his respective league and thus needs to earn enough xp. In the past one could change the topic for training but now you need to repeat those topics that are in the purple top category for the sake of efficiency. This is so boring! I have 220 topics in 4 languages which I need to promote to this highest level. Imagine how many diamonds I need to get there! At least 400, in average 600, i.e. 132000 diamonds! It is impossible to earn these diamonds. I am afraid that in the future you are planning to sell them, as other games do. Please get back to the old scheme!


That has som problem plz once chick this

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