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Advice for for people new to Duolingo!

Hi! If you're new to Duolingo and you haven't past the first key hole yet, keep learning and practicing! After you pass the first key whole, things get a lot more fun! So don't give up, and keep going!

August 12, 2013



Get a dictionary and use it. Use resources other than Duo to help answer your questions. Duo is not a stand-alone learning platform, but it is a good framework.


Excellent advice! I'd like to add that starting out, you should go at your own pace. One lesson a day, two a day, three, four, whatever you feel comfortable with is fine as long as you try to do something every day. There is a reason there is a streak icon here, and that is that streaks can help you learn. They keep you practicing, and that helps more than you can imagine.


Get used to being wrong! That's how I am learning to get it right in the end. Read the comments, vote & post your questions & ideas. There are some helpful & very knowledgeable people both from the public & from DL itself. Besides, some comments are funny or silly & make laugh.


I would like to use this to help teach my daughter. Are there lists of what is covered in each lesson so that I can do other activities with her as well and use Diolingo to help reinforce what we learn. Thank you


Well once you finish a lesson, there is a list of vocabulary. But other wise I don't think there isn't anything else. Oh! Also the vocab list has the definitions, examples, and conjugations. Also they have little bits of grammar that pop up during the lesson. You could go through the lesson first write what is going to happen and incorporate it into your daughter's lessons. Hope that helps! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what language will you be teaching your daughter?

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