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Additional European Languages

I know people have requested languages such as japanese, chinese etc but if there were to be any additional languages added, my request would be for them to be european, just for those who aren't into languages such as chinese. Personally for me, i'd want to explore languages such as Czech which i will study at uni or maybe Danish or Dutch and those wanting to get away from the romance language theme, it would be good for too, i just hope the fact chinese and japanese are so different would take away the focus from the great european languages still out there, hope more languages are added at some point to mix it up a bit :)

August 12, 2013



And what about Russian? I'd love to see it in Duolingo, but I realize that languages with diferent alphabets can be tricky for developers (you must learn letters first of all)


My native language is Dutch. I can study French and Spanish this way because my English is pretty good. I often recommend Duolingo to others, but for them it is like learning two languages at the same time.


I would love to see Dutch show up here. Since I'm living in Holland now, heh. And Russian would be great too.


I would really like to study Russia as I would like to visit the country due to learning about it in history by my excellent Russian history teacher. I would also be interested in studying Dutch as well

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