"She is an actress and he is an actor."

Translation:Hon är skådespelerska och han är skådespelare.

February 11, 2015

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"Hon är skåderdab...ber...lapel..inganobaska" -Me trying to say this.


Something that helps me to remember the difference between "skådespelerska" and "skådespelare". If they are wearing something similar to shoes (skådespeler"SKA", skådespeler"SKOR") they are female. I don't know if this will help someone.


Absolute nightmare in the timed practice


Why is it not en skådespelerska and en skådespelare.?

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"Generally when you speak about professions in Swedish, you don't use an article. So when you say in English I am a doctor, in Swedish you should say Jag är läkare, without the article"


reminds me of the German "Schauspieler/-in" still this has got to be the strangest word I stumbled upon so far learning Swedish...


I hate these words ahhhh!


I love the long words, they are really fun to try out. Quit your moaning!


In the UK we do still have the words actor and actress but with the advent of "PC" and sexual equality it would seem that both sexes now wish to be called actors. Is this the case anywhere else?


Difficult words to remember. Fortunately, I don't think I'd have to use either of these words (for actor) when visiting Sweden - Ha! Wondering though if the male version could be used for both. In the U.S. we often refer to female actors as actors ... and not as actresses.


I wasted two lives trying to get the words spelled correctly


Most people in sweden seem to just say skådis


If it says "he is AN actor" then why is it wrong to say "han är EN skådespelare" i mean you can generalize professions by leaving the indefinite article away if you want to but you are not forced to....

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