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  5. "Heeft u uw jas?"

"Heeft u uw jas?"

Translation:Do you have your coat?

February 11, 2015



I cant hear the pause between u and uw. Are they pronounced continuously like that in normal speech too?


The pause between u and uw here is very short indeed. When I say it myself I also pronounce it continuously, but for myself there is a bit of a difference in tone between u and uw (for uw my voice is a bit deeper). Though I am not sure if that difference would be very noticeable as I only notice it if I pay very close attention.


Thank you for your reply! It's a bit hard to distinguish them when they are said right after each other but I think it will just take some getting used to.


It sounds to me that the u part was left out in the recording. In daily speech I don't say it that fast and contracted...


I even heard it sound like music.


In that case it would be "Hebt u", not "heb u"


Yeah, why is it "heeft" not "hebt"?


Sooo, heeft is incorrect?


In combination with uheeft and hebt are correct.


"Heb" belongs to "ik"(I), "Hebt" belongs to "jij" (you) and "Hebt" or "Heeft" to "U" (formal you). "Heb u" is being said in dialect.


Could you also say "Heeft u jouw jas"? I realise that's less formal but can it still be used?


No, don't mix formal and informal.


Great, thanks for the tip!


And what's the translation please?


"Uw" sounds like it's pronounced as "ool" to me. Am I hearing that correctly?


Should be correct HEBT U UW JAS?


Why in the Dutch formal form one uses: "heeft u" = 3 person of the verb to have + u , while with the verb to be, few sentences earlier, I found "bent u" = which is the 2nd person of the verb? According to one of El2Thek's answers below (In combination with u, heeft and hebt are correct) I understood that one can use "heeft/hebt"... hence, then we can also use "is/bent" like: is u... or bent u...? Dank u wel in advance.


When asked to translate "We show it" into Dutch, "Wij/We tonen hij" comes back as incorrect. Please fix this mistake. You also have discussion for this question turned off, that should also be fixed.

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