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  5. "Jag ber en bön."

"Jag ber en bön."

Translation:I say a prayer.

February 11, 2015



Is it just me, or is she saying "bön" strangely?


It sounds like 'böron'...


I noticed this too. It seems like two different audio clips are cut together.


The TTS totally has it wrong, here's how you're supposed to say bön https://forvo.com/search/Bön/sv/

[deactivated user]

    Why is ber used here, instead of "säger" or something like it?


    "Be" means not only to ask, but also to pray. It's the verb used for saying a prayer.


    I imagine it's just a linguistic difference. We say prayers in English - Swedes ask them.


    Not really. Be does mean to pray here. See my reply to N30G3N.

    [deactivated user]

      De där artiga svenskarna..


      svenskarna, I believe... ;)


      forvo users say it differently, I think the computerized way makes it sound weird.


      Didn't remember this phrase so I guessed with 'I ask a boon'. Shame it was wrong :) So how would you say 'I ask a boon' in Swedish ?


      "I am praying" was not accepted. How would "I am praying" be said in Swedish?


      Why I pray wasn't accepted? Is it because you want to stress that is praying in an audible way in contrast to pray for youeself?


      I thought "ber" is "am begging." Is it only used as "say" for prayers?


      "Ber" means to request, ask, beg or pray. The sentence literally is "I pray a prayer" but that's just not how you say that in English. In English you "say" a prayer.


      If one were using somewhat old-fashioned or more poetic English, could the Swedish not also me 'I begged for a boon'? I ask this, as the Swedish orthography just screamed this at me in English! The English sentence isn't one I would use with a stranger on the street but it's by no means incorect or defunct, just not commonplace. I'll go an look up 'bön' in my dictionary. A little sad that I'm excited by this!


      Hmm, looks like bön is a false friend; doesn't mean boon at all. The Swedish equivalent of boon, looks loke it may be välsignelse.

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