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New dashboard format (11 Feb, skills "hidden") makes my life more difficult

Until now, I could see my whole class at a glance (well, scrolling down the page), and easily notice who had completed what.

Now that the information per student has been reduced to numbers and that one has to click on each student to see the individual details, it makes my work much harder if I want to quickly see who in my class has not completed task X yet.

Is it not possible to give the option to see the information as it was until yesterday?

February 11, 2015



Thanks for sharing this feedback. You will be happy to hear that we are working on better ways to visualize a students' progress and an entire class' or sections' progress.


Thanks. That is great news!


When do you think that the update will go live?


When you say, "task X," what might that include? A particular lesson or skill? A certain number of skills?


When I found in the previous format that I could see student A working 12 XP on "Adjectives 1/5" or "Adjectives Practice" or just plain "Practice", it meant I could set specific homework like "Complete and Strengthen all lessons in Adjectives by Friday", and the page showed me instantly who had already done it and who hadn't when the deadline was approaching because I saw the whole class on one page (I did not mind scrolling down if there was more data than a page would fit, because it was still better that having to go and check an individual student.)

I think both options should be available, because it is also good to talk to one student about his/her own progress while seeing only the details concerning him/her, but there are clear advantages in looking at the whole class in certain details as well, because you can also see from one week to the next where the strong and the weak students are, and you can target where you want to help next.


I guess there will always be somebody who prefers the previous version of anything. This time, I'm not with you. I totally appreciate the new format because it includes a lot more information. Before, there was no timestamp so I couldn't determine if what my students did was fulfilling a given assignment on time or not. Also, I had to check their trees manually; now you can immediately see how many lessons and skills have been completed (I am familiar with the Spanish tree - give me the skill they're working on and I can show you where they are). Spangineer, I'd agree with you if my computer or internet was working slow... one day, every click would cause 30-60 seconds of waiting while the new page loaded. But otherwise, I really don't mind the extra click. By the way, I noticed to access a student's info I need to click on anything but their name... clicking on their name takes me to their profile (as it did on the first version of dashboard).


I don't disagree with the improvements to the type of information provided, on the contrary. Basically, I would also like access to an "Expanded" view of the whole class for a quick glance that I can use "live" during lessons.


Do you project it on a smartboard?


Depending on the point I make to the class, I would indeed project it on the smartboard and maybe hide the part of the screen where the names are, so that the whole class sees what I need them to see. Then I would say, "These students here have covered those skills, while those students there have not completed them yet. What I expect to see here by the time the deadline arrives is more like this here and less like that there."

But also, having an expanded view means I can quickly go to my internal marking spreadsheet and enter information about who has done what, and so forth. If I have to click on individual students to find that, times the number of students, times the number of classes I teach, it slows the process immensely.

Obviously, when I do need details about one student, like when I speak to him/her in person, then I can show the student what I know he/she has done so far.


Hmm, you have a screen shade feature that works on webpages? I know of how to use it in Notebook. There are so many cool things one can do with a Smartboard, and yet, I've never had the training and I've never made the time to go to work on a Saturday so I could play around with it and learn it by myself.

Anyway, I'm afraid from an IT point of view it won't be possible for them to use the old format and the new one simultaneously. Another thing they had said was that the list would be alphabetized, and mine has some errors (names beginning with B, C, and P before the correctly alphabetized list begins) and the sections (Sp 1, 2, and 3) are not separated. Given this randomness I'm immensely appreciative of the new format. I suppose I could have used a "find on page" search before but I always scrolled anyway. Scrolling was kind of fun, seeing the big picture at once, but alas, the change has come. I had been advocating to see the timestamp (which I imagined they'd put on the page next to the activity name... there was room...) I also had spent hours making a printable version of the Spanish tree for weekly progress reports, and now with the new dashboard showing the lessons and activities completed, this has become obsolete. Oh well.

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