"Lejonet biter elefanten."

Translation:The lion bites the elephant.

February 11, 2015

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That won't end well for the lion.


Why is lejonet and not lejonen as is elefanten? Or the other way around elefantet instead of elefanten. Is there a rule of thumb for animals and the 'en' or 'ett' ending?


Its really not that hard: Lejon is an ett word so in definite it has the -et suffix Lejonet Elefant is an en word so it has an -en suffix


Thanks. What amazing though is why since there are both animals one is "ett" and the other one "en".Why not both "en" since they are animals?


Well they are both animals (an animal-ett djur) but they are nouns for themselves, there is pretty much no rule to determine which noun is which gender so despite them both being animals not all animals are the same gender some animals are en and some animals are ett but the word animal is an ett word hope I explained it well


Tack sa mycket.


Umm, first it eats it, and later it botes it.

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