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  5. "De havde skrevet et brev."

"De havde skrevet et brev."

Translation:They had written a letter.

February 11, 2015



Is brev pronounced correctly hear? It's two syllables, which surprised me but I am no expert on Danish pronounciation.


Sounds like a dialect pronunciation you could find in Jutland.


This whole section has only been difficult due to the has/had when I am expected to do the English part. Considering that I was born with that language and not the one I am here learning, I am a little on the flustered side with what is going on.


Yes, understanding the different pronuntiations is an interesting, good challenge. When I started DL Danish last December, I understood absolutely nothing, but meanwhile little extra Danish ears have been growing. But the way this sentence has been pronounced, flattened me, too. Ich habe nur Bahnhof verstanden!

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