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"The best defense is a good offense."

Translation:A melhor defesa é o ataque.

August 12, 2013



This is the kind of translation which is designed to steal a heart :-)

There are a number of issues (particularly if you speak British English). The main one is the loss of the adjective "good" in the translation. It is tempting to use the word "ofensa" but I think that is a false cognate. The indefinite article in "a [good] offense" has been replaced by the definite article in "o ataque'.


oh yes... boring... By the way, "a melhor defesa é o ataque" is a very common proverb in Portuguese. I used that yesterday =)


Same in English, the British English version is "The best form of defence is attack".


When that happens I think they should accept "proverb vs proverb" translation. Even though it is not so literal most of the time they have the same meaning. By doing this, maybe it could become easier to get... or not =/


I totally agree. I also think that with proverbs, the literal translation should be accepted and the equivalent proverb given as a suggestion when the 'correct' dialog appears.


In portuguese it would be better "um bom ataque" for "a good offense".


This is an idiomatic phrase that ought to be introduced in Portuguese first . This is another example where someone wants to steal a heart.


o ataque e a melhor defesa?


It is also right.


"um bom ataque ataque"?


Hmm, bom saber então!


A melhor defesa e um bom ofensa wrong ?


um bom ataque.

Ofensa is more like an "insult".


The english language given for translation has the word "good" in it. The correct answer given does NOT contain the word GOOD!!! This is often the case. Also, Portuguese is hyper gender and there is no way to know what the gender is without going to another translator.

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