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Personalised lesson practice

Hi all,

I know things similar to this have been proposed regularly, but wasn't satisfied with adding to any of the existing threads I found. Sorry for the long post!

I think that the "lesson practice" tool is awesome, and love to use it - in particular since it got timed. It really fits my approach of learning: hovering over large areas of the material learned in the past, as opposed to focusing on one particular point of grammar for hours before moving on to the next chapter.

However, I still would like to be able to do particular things at certain times, because i'm not in the mood for this or that, or because i feel weaker in some vocabulary, etc. Right now you can go back to "future tense" lesson, or select a word in the "vocabulary" section and practice them, which is really cool. It would be a great extension to be able to go to practice and then select groups of lessons ("all the lessons i mastered that are about tenses", or "people, occupation, travel and Family") or chunks of vocabulary ("words used for business", "words that can be used in the same context as "der Himmel").

It would also be nice to be able to select a favored "type of exercise" or even allow only one type: "i'd like to have only questions where i hear the foreign language and i have to write the sentence down", or, if i want to practice my vocabulary associated with the words' gender and plural form (a request i saw for someone learning German) "ask me only to translate noun phrases from my own language to the learned language".

Finally, this can be a way to access the vocabulary database along criteria that I'm sure exist, but are not accessible to users as of now: "Make me practice the past tense of regular-or irregular- verbs only". One that'd be useful for learning english or german: "only verbs based on the preposition 'away' -pass away, go away, give away-", or grammatically convoluted sentences that just don't show up so often, to get a better grasp of it: "passive voice in such-and-such tense"...

One example of what I'd like to do in German: associate a particular case and the presence of an adjective in the noun phrase, and then just have a 5 minutes session of accusative for adjectives depending on the gender, number and type of article (right now i have to picture the grammatical tables every single time, and i don't know how else to get automatisms for it...)

The trickiest part is the user interface for it, as many options is always confusing and duolingo already got too feature-rich for ease of use imo (at least the browser version). Right now I'm imagining a list of checkboxes possibly associated with drop-down menus, and it seems awfully complicated... But maybe someone else will have better ideas there.

August 12, 2013

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Hi aucunLien! Thanks for all the detail you put into this feedback. Appreciate it! It sounds like overall what you're looking for is greater customization in practice. Your ideas are important for us to hear because this is something we're working on right now. I'll let the team know :) Danke.

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