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"Please, give me more details."

Translation:Por favor, dê-me mais detalhes.

August 12, 2013



I wrote Por favor, me dá mais detalhes and lost a heart! Is it really necessary to use the imperative for such a simple request? Even more puzzling was that Duolingo told me my error was You used the ele/ela form "dá" instead of the eu form "dê". Can someone explain that message please?


My old and rapidly disintegrating Portuguese coursebook asserts that 'por favor' type sentences are examples of an Informal Command where, as you suggest, 'dá' is used instead of 'dê' for 'give'. Is this rule nowadays discarded ? (i.e. 3rd person singular of the present indicative is no longer used as the imperative in conversational, informal situations?)


Isn't dê actually the present subjunctive form for both eu and você?...I would have written dá as well. I guess you'll have to wait for a native to answer, but I wouldn't use the subjunctive here :s


Thanks, you're right! This question was in the "Abstract Objects 3" skill which comes before the subjunctive appears though. After a quick check with conjuga-me.net, the only tense that includes both "dá" and "dê" is the imperative and even then the error message is just weird: obviously there is no "eu" form and even if there was, why would I use it? I sent a report.

Thinking about it a little more, my answer is in the imperative (as well), but inflected for "tu" not "você".


you both are correct. Either "dá" or "dê" are used interchangeably for imperative in conversation. There is no mistake in your guessing ;)


Thanks Paulo. Just a little followup question: Is it really necessary for someone to use the imperative (either the "tu" or the "você" form) in this sentence?

(of course, If it is, then you can only really tell if they've chosen correctly if they use "dê", if they choose "dá" you might think they are using the "tu" form of the imperative or they could have simply messed up (like me) and used the indicative for "você" which happens to be the same word.)


yes, it really is imperative! and you can choose for tu or você. They should accept both!


There are four correct answer:

"Por favor, dá-me mais detalhes."

"Por favor, dê-me mais detalhes."

"Por favor, me dá mais detalhes."

"Por favor, me dê mais detalhes."

All imperative, but you can choose between 2nd (tu) and 3rd (você) person. In different states in Brasil people prefer one than other.

The first two used to be the only right way to write, because you shouldn't start a sentence with oblique pronoun. But, nowadays you almost never see this usage, people say and write like the last two.


Hey do you work for duolinguo? Or are you just a nice guy helping out? If that is the case would you mind having a conversation with me? Im having job interviews in portuguese and I would really apreciate it


FAZ favor should definitely be accepted here. It told me it is wrong....?!

[deactivated user]

    Is "Por obséquio" ever used in real life to mean "por favor"?


    It's hardly ever used...


    You wrote, " By please, give me more _____. " I figured out that you wanted me to write Portugese, but that was not apparent in the question as it was given.

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