"The people of Sweden"

Translation:Sveriges folk

February 11, 2015

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Why not sveriges folket? Since we do have the people of sweden?


We can't have a determinate noun 'owned' by a noun in the genitive. Just like you can't say the girl's the book in English.


Thanks for the explanation. I still think it's kind of weird that there is no determiner at all in this sentence. In Dutch, you would still use a determiner: "het Zweedse volk", meaning "Sverige folk" and "The people of Sweden".


I don't know what word class Zweedse is in Dutch (I know zero Dutch) but it looks more like an adjective than a noun?

If we use an adjective instead, we can say both det svenska folket and svenska folket. It's unclear to me why we can say svenska folket without an article: I usually tell people this occurs with 1) things that function as names 2) with numerals and similar adjectives. It clearly isn't #2, but maybe 'svenska folket' has been used so much it's gotten close to #1 after all.


Oh yeah, sorry, I got a bit confused. It is an adjective in Dutch: because I'm used to the way Dutch handles this, I think my head likes to think that "Sveriges" is an adjective also - but of course, it isn't.

That's very interesting, thanks for replying in such detail! You seem like a really great person and language lover :).


Thank you! I can't deny being a language lover :)


You can (and have to) do that in Spanish. The more I learn languages, the more I understand Dr. Zamenhof...


I quickly looked up this guy on wikipedia and the dude is quite interesting. I'm curious though, i can't see the connection he has with this comment. Would you tell me more?


Dr. Zamenhof definitely is a language lover: he created Esperanto language, wich is perhaps the most popular artificial language.


What is the difference between folk and befolkning?


Is there a thread explaining the differences between "folk" / "människor" / "personer". In some cases they seem to be interchangable, but I have a hunch that it is not true for all cases.


Is there a reason why "Folket av Sverige" doesn't work?


We just don't say that. We don't use av in constructions like that in Swedish. You say a cup of coffee, we say en kopp kaffe. We use av for 'material' and 'made by' and some other things, but not really for this 'genitive' meaning.


Should that not be "Sweden's people"? Where is the definite article?


So you don't say the people of sweden . It is Sweden's people


Thank you Arnauti


It's not "some (collection of) Swedish people", it's the people, so why not folket?


If you want the right translation write it in English ie Sweden's people it is correct in English too don't write it differently in English

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