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  5. "Det er en bog om heste."

"Det er en bog om heste."

Translation:It is a book about horses.

February 11, 2015



Why does this sentence start with "Det" and not with "Den"? if we are talking about a book ( en bog) shouldn't we use "Den" in the beginning of the sentence? Thanks in advance :)


That is a very frequently asked question :)

Until the gender of the noun is revealed, you use 'det'. For example:

A: Det er en bog

B: Den er god

B uses 'den' because A established the gender of the noun and can therefore use the article 'den' to refer to 'bogen'


Thanks RidderJakob :D


No problem! I'm glad I can help :)


Thank you for the explanation Ridder.


The app has gine wrong. I am typing in Danish what i hear as the question says, but my answer is rejected again and again saying im typing the English of what i hear, which i am not. App then stops sayi g listening exercises will be back in an hour! Not happy.

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