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  5. "Os gatos comem pão."

"Os gatos comem pão."

Translation:The cats eat bread.

August 12, 2013



Cats should not eat bread!


Fast version of the audio is saying "Os gatos comem pão", but the slower version says "O gato comem pão".


4 years later and that's exactly what I heard, and they supposedly changed the voice during that time (meaning it must be an error in input somehow). It's only because it is in the "Plurals" lesson module that I was pretty sure "os gatos" was surely meant.


Yes, the slow version is individual word by word, so you do need to listen to the fast version to get the adjectives to have the proper endings for the nouns and anything that depends on more than one word.


How to say: "(All) cats eat bread."


Todos os gatos comem pão.


So is the word cat...male or female? Just had two examples both sounding the same but one f and one. Is this correct and how do ypu spjt gbe difference ?

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