"It is a frequent question."

Translation:Det är en vanlig fråga.

February 11, 2015

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I don't think vanlig fully covers frequent. A better translation (from swedish) seems to me: it is a common question. I have reported this to DL.


Common has some other meanings that vanlig lacks, so that wouldn't be perfect either. Vanliga frågor is a good and idiomatic translation of FAQ.


Thanks for your advice on this one Arnauti. I notice that the on-line dictionary Ord.se tanslates -frekvent- as: frequent and common. It differs a bit here whether one starts from the English or from the Swedish sentence, it seems to me.


i guess frequent is 'frekvent" in swedish. the answer expected is different


We rarely use frekvent and it sounds unnatural in a simple sentence like this. It can be used in more formal, theoretical sentences.

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