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Help me, please? I still don't understand when I use "en" or "ett" in Swedish. I'm so confused! =(

Hi! I already appreciate any help. =) When I use "en" or "ett". I heard that we speak according to the gender. This means male and female? My English is not perfect (yet!), Sorry any error, but, please help me. ^^

February 11, 2015



It's not quite as simple as masculine and feminine. Basically, they used to have three genders like German: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Then, they gradually squidged masculine and feminine into a common gender (I may be mixing my terminology up with Dutch, sorry!) and kept neuter. En nouns are common, ett nouns are neuter. As a result, en nouns are far more common, so if you have to make a guess, go with en :)


I think I understand now.

Common gender: En

Neuter: Ett

I just can differentiate the "common" of "neuter" knowing the words, right?

Thanks, very much! =)


There are some guidelines to predict the gender. Most of the human beings and animals are en nouns. (Exceptions: ett barn, ett djur, ett bi, ett lejon ). Days, months, seasons are en nouns (Exception: ett dygn). Most of the nouns that end in -ad, -are, -dom, -else, -het, -ing, -ning, -ion, -ism, -lek, -nad, -or are en nouns. Most of the nouns that end in -ande, -ende, -ek, -em, -iv, -um are ett nouns. Names of continents, countries, provinces, towns are ett nouns.


Thank you! These are very helpful. I note your tips! ^^


There is one basic thing about using "en" and "ett" - you need to learn the words with their indefinite articles by heart.

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