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  5. "Hon dök upp mitt i natten."

"Hon dök upp mitt i natten."

Translation:She appeared in the middle of the night.

February 11, 2015



Is it always "mitt i + <noun>" to express being in the middle of something? Could I say: Jag är mitt i sjön. Jag är mitt i vägen.


yeah i am very curious about this too!


If not always then at least close to it - I can't think of an exception at the moment. :)


I assume that works like the "mitten in der Nacht" in german, but do you use "in the middle of the night" in english in the same way?


Yes, it is equally an English phrase.


It is even a part of a song :)


The upp really sounds like a k, not a p at the end. .


Would it be ok to use "showed up" instead of "appeared" here?


I want to know why it isn't as in English but seems to translate as "in middle of the night" rather than "in the middle of the night".


Isn't "in the middle of the night" and "in the midnight" the same?


"In the midnight" is not a correct expression. Because midnight is a specific point in time rather than a period of time you cannot be "in" it. You would say "at midnight" rather than "in midnight" and we would not use the definite for this word.

But "at midnight" and "in the middle of the night" are not equivalent either. At midnight specifies a specific time (0000hrs, 12.00am) whereas "in the middle of the night" means at any time overnight. Typically it implies that she showed up at an inconvenient time when one would usually be sleeping.


Hej Jane as iremember there was a movie MIDNIGHT COWBOY and it didn't mean the man exactly at twelve o,cklock but a rent man for whole times at late nights


That is using the word midnight as an abstract adjective. The word midnight means 0000hrs, though like other words can sometimes be used more loosely.

That aside, midnight and "the middle of the night" are not interchangeable in English which is the point being made above. As much as anything else "the middle of the night" used literally implies the mid point of nighttime which is not always 0000hrs, and which shifts depending on the time of year, location, daylight savings time etc.

In addition to that "in the midnight" is never correct gramatically.

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