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ils mangent vs il mange sound

How do you hear the difference between these two?

Est-ce qu'ils mangent avec les filles? Est-ce qu'il mange avec les filles?

Some people have mentioned there could possibly be a liason (which I can't hear), but what about sentences where there couldn't be.

Est-ce qu'ils mangent les pommes?

November 28, 2012



I'm pretty sure the t is pronounced as a linking sound between 'mangent' and 'avec' so it would sound like "...mange t'avec..."


I do not agree that the liaison would be pronounced by most French people, unless it is part of a verse (or they are from the upperclass and want to make it heard).

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You are both right: in the plural form, there should be a liaison between "mangent" and "avec" (and sound like "mangent-t-avec"), but not everybody does the liaison in spoken French.


And as a matter of fact, when it isn't followed by a vowel, you can't hear the difference, even if it's a verse or if you're from the upper class. « Est-ce qu'ils mangent les pommes ? » sounds exactly the same as « Est-ce qu'il mange les pommes ? »...

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