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Skill requirement in order to translate?

So far I have only been asked to translate sentences for one of the "real world translation" challenges. For all the other challenges I am simply asked to rate other user's translations.

How is it decided who gets to translate and who gets to rate? I'm guessing it's either: -linked to the user's level/points total? -dependent on the challenge? -dependent on demand for each role? -random?

Any clue as to which? I do understand the importance of the rating, but a little variety in the exercises would be appreciated, that's all.

November 28, 2012



Speak, I actually have no idea. But I've noticed when looking through the list of translation material on the "Translations" tab, quite often the older material (and much of the newer material) has nothing left to do but rank other people's translations. My theory is, there is a large quantity of material around that is almost completed, but still needs some more ranking work, and there is very little material around that still needs actual translations. So, I think the articles are being assigned randomly. The trouble is, there are just so many more of them right now that need ranking, that that is mostly the task you get assigned.

Like I say, I actually have no idea at all, so take my theory for what it's worth (nothing). Maybe someone at Duolingo will come through with a definitive answer.


That is what I thought too; the demand for rating being far higher than translating at the moment. No worries though, it still gives some experience.

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