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Feature suggestion: Exporting vocab

[deactivated user]

    I'm trying to practice vocab using extra flashcards, and it would be great to export my vocab list from Duolingo in a suitable format.

    Thanks for a great site!

    August 12, 2013



    Thanks for the suggestion! It's on our list :)


    You know it would be really awesome to see what you guys currently have in development / what idea's you have tabled for potential development. I would be really interested in seeing this because as awesome as Duolingo is now, it's future potential is exciting! Keep up the great work :)


    Hi, is anything happening with this soon?


    Hi Kristen, one thing i struggle with is when i want to practice in my phone and i can´t because there is no signal. Eg. im on the subway. It would be nice that the app downloads to the phone the level im at, for offline progress, and then sync when my cel is connected.

    I know this is not your job, but where can i post this suggestion?


    Yeah being able to export words you're struggling with to flashcards or a memrise style app would be amazing


    Great suggestion. Either the ability to export for import into flash card app or better yet how about a vocabulary flash card app built into the mobile app. I would like to practice my vocabulary on my Android tablet rather than having to access the full website.


    I discovered that by selecting the vocabulary list and pasting it to Excel I was able to export the vocabulary list. Then you will have to make your own flashcards. This didn't show the translation back to English, just the list of the words in Spanish but this really can help you. Like this: All the words you have learned on Duolingo
    Showing all 323 words
    Word  Forms Skill Last practiced  Strength  ventana ventana Household 2 days ago

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