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"I have a pain in the back of my neck."

Translation:Jeg har ondt i nakken.

February 11, 2015



When does one use "ondt" as opposed to using "smerter"?


That hurts. It's a pain.

Det gør ondt. Det er en smerte.


Thanks for your reply! But I'm still confused. In this particular case, Duo is translating "Jeg har ondt..." as "I have a pain...". Is there some reason why "Jeg har en smerte..." wouldn't work here as well?


If you want to use 'smerte' instead, the plural form (smerter) would be preferable.

"Jeg har smerter i nakken"


Ok, so they're more or less interchangeable, and it's personal preference?


Well, I'm not too sure about that - I think in some instances they cannot replace eachother. But mostly yes :)

It's not personal it's most common to use the plural.


tried to use "sidder" from one of the previos sentences, where it asked for that word, for first time, unfairly in a hear n type excercise, and then, at this sentence, it says, translation is wrong: the right answer does not include "sidder". now what? :D


I find that confusing as well

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