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What Happen to My Streak

All of a sudden my 9 day streak has been reduced to 0. I haven't missed a day. Also half of my topics now show Reduced strength. It seems like the harder I work the more I get slammed. Was there an update to the system that messed up my stats? This is getting really frustrating.

February 11, 2015



I have had a similar issue in the last 2 days. My streak is gone.

But none of my strength bars reduce by more than one level, so not worried there.


What if ask your problem by mailing? The address is also noted in phone app(Feedback).


I did submit the issue to Duolingo Support and I have a ticket # to track the issue. It seems there are several people that have experienced this issue.


This happened to me twice within the past couple weeks. I haven't gotten any replies back from support. It's super discouraging...


Me too! I lost my 7 day streak on the same day you lost yours! Something is going on.


had the same problem. it's 9pm my time, but duolingo thinks it's already past midnight. get a time setting or something, duolingo. it frustrates people to lose their streaks -- i had 17 days!

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