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  5. "Mi sono perso."

"Mi sono perso."

Translation:I am lost.

August 12, 2013



I'm glad to see this sentence. If I ever go to Italy, I'm pretty sure I'll be saying it often. :)


I was thinking the same!


Literally 'I have lost myself', so I thought 'I got lost' ought to be acceptable. Alas.


i think the issue is the past tense of "i got lost". in english it would be "I lose myself," not "i lost myself"


I think 'I lose myself', which is present tense, would be 'mi perdo'. 'Mi sono perso' is a passato prossimo, so it would translate as 'I have lost myself', but Duolingo often translates the passato prossimo (for sound reasons, I presume) as a past tense: 'I lost myself'. Translating idiomatically rather than literally, that leaves us with 'I got lost' or, indeed, 'I am lost'.


Isn't "Mi sono perso" the passato prossimo form of the reflexive verb perdersi? So, wouldn't this really be "I was lost", or "I got lost" (setting aside the reflexivity issue)?


I said "I got lost" and it was marked wrong


I said "I was lost" and it was marked wrong. It seems right 4 oct 2015


From what I can tell, "Mi sono perso" can mean both "I am lost" and also "I was lost".

If you think about it, being lost implies an 'event' which has already happened .. the actual getting lost part, the point at which you started to feel lost .. which I guess is why Passato Prossimo is used?

If you want to emphasise that this was something in the past, you can use the imperfect tense and say "Mi ero perso" instead though .. as in, I was lost (at some time in the past)


What's the difference between "Mi sono perso" and "Sono perso"?


I'm no expert, but I believe perso needs an object to be lost. Without myself, what would you have lost? Sorry if that's not very clear, but I hope I helped.


Yeah, I think that makes sense. Is it a reflexive verb? I just saw that somebody posted this (http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/italian-verbs-reflexive.htm) on another page.


Yes, I believe so. I know how to write things, not what they're called. =)


How would you say, "They lost me"?


"Mi hanno perso", I .. think?


So "I got lost" really can't be the meaning here ?


two people meet, one says, I am lost, the other says, I am lost myself. What's the difference?


Wouldn't "Sono perduta" also work (assuming the speaker is a female)? My references show "perduto" and "perso" as past participles of "perdere." Am I missing something?


The male voice does not always sound clear. "Mi" sounds like "Me".

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