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  5. "Han løber ud."

"Han løber ud."

Translation:He runs out.

February 11, 2015



My natural response to learning prepositions.


Is that to say he quickly relocates himself, or that his supply is exhausted? Can this be used for both?


This would be used for him 'relocating' himself. If you wanted to say that he ran out of supply, you'd say "Han løber tør", as in, he's running dry.

Hope that helps!


Would it be correct to say "han løber tør af øl" or " han løber tør for øl" ? How do you digure out which tonuse ? Am I mixing 'of' and 'off' up?


mange tak for eksemplen. Jeg fortsår nu.


In both German and Dutch, the corresponding verb laufen and lopen respectively) sometimes means run and sometimes means walk. Are there any times when løbe can mean walk in Danish? Or do you always use gå for that?


Could this also mean "he goes for a run" ?


is he goes outside correct


So...."He runs outside' is marked wrong for some reason.

Could it be that "Han løber ud" means "He runs from inside to outside", whilst ""Han løber ude" means "He is outside and running". If this is the case, then I would that "He runs outside" should be accepted as a translation for "Han løber ud".


Does this mean when someone "runs out" of batteries (for example)?

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