"Köpenhamn är en vacker stad."

Translation:Copenhagen is a beautiful city.

February 11, 2015

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Wait a second, does it stand literally for "The commercial harbour" or something like that ?


Yes, the city is named for its mercantile activities and importance.


I just made what connection too! I LOVE this kind of epiphany.


...men Malmö är vackrare.


The English "Copenhagen" comes from the name in Low German. The words "Copen" and "Köpen" are related to English "cheap"!


I'd have bet it means "buy" (like köpa), "cheap" is "billig" in german, even in low german. So my interpretation is "a port to buy at" (Kaufhafen, not a real word).

købe (danish) <=> köpen/kopen (low german) <=> kofen (vernacular german) <=> kaufen (german)

Do you have a link I could follow for your interpretation? Thank you.


Are you suggesting that my interpretation is different from yours? It is not. We are saying the same thing -- namely, that the English "Copenhagen" comes from Low German.

I did not say that the English "Copenhagen" comes from the German/Low German for "cheap", which is, as you say, "billig". I said only that the English word Copenhagen and the English word "cheap" are related.

On that point, see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cheap#Etymology

For a fuller discussion of the meaning of "Copenhagen", see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copenhagen#Etymology


I really love to read your comments everytime. Thanks for your hints, enlightening as usual.


Ja :) Köpenhamn är väldigt vacker! One of my absolute favourite cities


Apparently Copenhagen is more beautiful than Stockholm. Is this just blasphemy or is there actually some truth to this? :P


It's all in the eyes of the beholder. ;) To me as a Stockholmer born and raised, the question is all clear. But I'm very biased... :p


København er en dejlig by

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