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  5. "Godaften, velkommen."

"Godaften, velkommen."

Translation:Good evening, welcome.

February 12, 2015



In English, "good EVENING" and "good AFTERNOON" are practically interchangeable. Is there a distinction in Danish?


I wouldn't say "Good evening" and "Good afternoon" are interchangeable in English, other than maybe a fuzzy area between 4pm and 5pm, but in Danish, eftermiddag is used between 1pm and 5pm and then aften is used between 5pm and middnight (or until one goes to bed)


Thank you- I know the distinction in Italian, but the Germanic languages are a bit fuzzy for me.


For afternoon you could say: "god eftermiddag" in Danish.

Note that, unlike morning, evening and night, this phrase is not common enough to be written in one word, but it is still perfectly usable.


Jeg synes et punktum er bedre end en komma i denne sætning.


Et punctum eller ‘og’


How do you pronounce velkommen? I can't seem to get it right.


The first syllable is "vel" like in the English "velcro". The second syllable is "kom" like in "comma". Then a second "m" sound is appended: "vel-com-m". Note that this is just an approximation, in reality the sounds are a tiny bit different from the English sounds.


Sounds almost the same as German "willkommen".

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