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Make sure you report any errors in the answers and phrases.

It only takes a couple of seconds to report a wrong 'Correct Answer' or to ask for your answer to be accepted. This way, you make the site better for everyone, so don't forget to do it!

August 12, 2013



It will be even more helpful when this feature is added to mobile. :-)


It will be added to mobile devices soon! :D


Thank you Kristin!!


This might be off-topic, but I'm noticing that a lot of times the "correct answer" has a space between the word and the punctuation mark, especially when it's an exclemation or a question mark. Example: "Bonjour !". I guess it doesn't really matter, and it doesn't feel nescessary to report it. I just find it annoying.


That's something called a 'two-part punctuation mark' and is used in French. It just means you need to add a space after two or more punctuation marks like these: : ; « » ! ? % $ #. We're not giving away the answers :)

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