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"He talks about seconds and decades."

Translation:Han snakker om sekunder og årtier.

February 12, 2015



Can someone please help and explain the difference between "snakker" and "taler" and when to use which?


Roughly the same as "talk" and "speak". That is, close to, but not quite, synonyms. Actually the distinction is probably bigger in English.

Snakke is less formal, but there's a huge overlap.


My grandfather would always say: "En papegøje snakker og mennesker taler". Meaning a parrot "snakker" and people "taler".. Back then snakker would be used when referring to meaningless conversation and when referring to animals making sounds.. And taler for conversation between humans.. Today the lines are blurred and the words can be used in the same context most of the time. :)


I think "snakke" is for a informal situations (like between friends or family) and "tale" is for a formal speeches (like in a work situations)


I'm quite sure I've not had "tater" in the course yet :(


It is in Present Tense 2.


Is this a standard expression in Danish? If so, please explain...


The translation on the discussion uses "Han snakker om sekunder og artier" but I was told I was wrong for marking both that and "Han taler om sekunder og artier" except for on the actual question it is telling me that "taler" is right and "snakker" is wrong.... If it is saying both are correct translations it should let me mark both....


... I selected the translation above ("Han snakker om sekunder og årtier.") and it was marked incorrect. It's telling me the correct answer is "Han taler om sekunder og årtier.", even though the question just before this one had me choose "snakker" as well...


Rather confusing! I answered exactly as per the previous question but was marked as wrong ????? ,just like HanAkumaTrill above.....

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