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"Volevo che lei giocasse con me."

Translation:I wanted her to play with me.

August 12, 2013



It seems like most of the subjunctive imperfect sentences in these lessons translate to something like "I wanted that she would play with me" or "I wanted that she'd play with me" while others (like this one) are translated more naturally (but maybe less strictly in the correct tense?) as "I wanted her to play with me" with the subordinate clause translating to an infinitive verb form. What am I missing, or are these just random variations within these lessons?


When you translate to English, the natural form is way better. I suggest you keep reporting that the natural response should be accepted, to improve these lessons. If anything, I think the unnatural form -e.g "I wanted that..." is becoming obsolete in modern English.


In Italian it is different though. They are not trying to make it easier, but to have you guys understand. They need the "I wanted that" because Italians constantly use it. Io volevo che lei giocasse con me. That's something that every Italian child has probably said at one point of their childhood. It is a very correct and natural way of speaking.


Italians don't use "I wanted that", they use "io volevo che". We can still learn how Italians phase sentences without utilising obsolete English phrasing.

You just need to learn that "io volevo che lei" translates to "I wanted her to".

Fortunately, Duolingo seems to agree with me because learning in 2018 I haven't run into any situation in which I have had to use "I wanted that". :)


I agree with tropposwag on this. If it's translated it into the form that we are familiar with we don't learn Italian sentence construction peculiarities.


That is helpful feedback. I should be reporting more I suppose. It just seems random that in some cases it wants the more natural form and in others it wants the more "archaic"/unnatural/obsolete form. It is probably a reflection of being deep into the lesson tree and a decreasing amount of user feedback about what translations should be acceptable.


That is absolutely correct. A lot of the more natural translations are actually due to my feedback! I reported like crazy, but I understand that people, including me, don't want to constantly lose hearts to improve Duolingo. You tend to try to see a pattern in the types of responses they accept more frequently (often the more literal ones). It would be great if Duo language experts could generalise the feedback to other similar translations. However, I understand that this would consume much more of their time.


But you're absolutely correct. My guess is that they get Italians to do these lessons, but Italians that learned English. They should get people who speak Spanish, born in the US, and learned Italian (Spanish and Italian are so alike), or people who speak Italian from birth and English since they were young. Like people who came very young and attended American schools, or people who were born in the states but their family is Italian and they speak it at home. Either way, nobody would say "I wanted that she'd play with me"


I wish they'd use more noi voi amd loro instead of so much i you and he


I also am becoming very frustrated because of the arbitrariness... And when multiple forms are accepted because of user input, it can be even worse because there are subtleties which make the meaning of the sentences completely different.. One example I can remember- I can not believe that italian lacks different tenses for "i thought she opened the door" and "I thought she would have opened the door" - in English these do not mean the same thing, yet DL gives them both as valid translations for a sentence.


Report them. You're only helping people who will come after you.


I can just imagine the fun the French students would have with this phrase! (They're a rowdy bunch over there!)


I don't think that the infinitive form is less strictly correct. I think it goes with certain main clause verbs like "want."


I guess it just seems to me that there is an arbitrariness to the translations. One might take "I wanted that she'd remember me" and not take "I wanted her to remember me"...then another one would NOT take "He wanted that you'd watch him" but would take "He wanted you to watch him". I am making up the examples. I was quite frustrated before I finished this section as it seemed to subjectively restrict translations that were accepted in a pretty arbitrary way.


That is purely due to user feedback -i.e. which ones people reported and which ones they didn't.


posso dire: lei volevo per giocare con me?


no,si puo' dire lei voleva giocare con me


Remember how to conjugate the imperfect for volere. Io volevo Tu volevi Lei/lui/lei voleva noi volevamo voi volevate loro volevano So, according to the conjugation, it would have to be "lei voleva" Next.. "lei voleva per giocare con me" means "she wanted for to play with me" If you wanted to say "she wanted it to play with me", then you're only missing a direct pronoun "lei lo/la voleva per giocare con me" This is correct But.... If she just want to play with you then you would have the double verb scenario Once you conjugate a verb, all verbs that immediately come after remain conjugated (in English too) Therefore... "lei voleva giocare con me" "she wanted (conjugated) to play (unconjugated) with me"


In all other sentences this subjunctive imperfect would translate to the past tense of a word.. I used played instead of play and it was marked wrong. "I wanted that she played with me"


Could "I was wanting her to play with me" also be a correct translation? Native speakers?


The narrator's pronunciation is often wrong. For example she says "con me" and this implies a written "mi".


I have given up trying to guess what the translations to these subjective verbs should be - - now I am just cutting and pasting to be done with phrases that seem to be idioms or 'understood' expressions - not translations.


I'm not gonna touch that line...


why is "I wanted that she played with me" wrong?



Why "I wanted that she played with me" is incorrect?


Because it is terrible English! :-)


keep your hands off her, Duo....you filthy

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