"The boxes are on the shelf."

Translation:Lådorna står i hyllan.

February 12, 2015

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This is how I would instinctively interpret this:

Lådorna står i hyllan = The boxes are on one of many shelves (like in a bookcase), and not the top one.

Lådorna står på hyllan = The boxes are on a lone shelf or on the top shelf.


Should it be possible to say "lådorna ligger i hyllan"?


Maybe if they are like these IKEA boxes that you can take down and make all flat :), but a normal box alsways "står".


Or if somebody just threw the boxes in there and they're not in a "normal" upright position!


True! If they are "huller om buller" they "ligger" as well :):


Huller om buller??


My dictionary says "higgledy-piggledy :).


In my mind I was picturing bixes that were wider than they were tall (like shoe boxes), so I also used "ligger".

This may take a while.


Why not "Lådorna ligger på hyllan"?


ligger is used for describing the position of flat objects like toast. See first comment above for the use of på.


I totally missed this. Thank you for posting this in the discussion Summer!


Would "lådorna sitter i hyllan" ever be acceptable like the boxes sit on the shelf or is it always "Lådorna står i hyllan" the boxes stand on the shelf? Tack!


This is my concern too. Just commenting for the views... anyone know why this can't be??

Edit: they answered this 4 years ago (comment above)


I wrote "Lådorna är på hyllan" and I was right, but I'd like to know if there is a difference in the meaning if I use "är" instead of "står/ligger". Can someone help me here?


From my understanding, it's that står (stands) and ligger (lies) are more precise and also idiomatic. In English, we say "the leaf falls down" instead of the "the leaf goes down". It's the same kind of thing. Saying är is not incorrect and neither is "goes", but the more precise word makes the sentence easier to conceptualise.


So I got this right but I'm wondering about something. In this sentence i is used. I've noticed this usually means in, so does this denote the concept that the boxes are sitting in shelves?


So, if I get this correctly, ligger is only for very flat object (like a toast, or a sheet) ? Let's say my box is a relatively thin parallelepiped, I should still use står ?


"Ladorna ligger pa hyllan" should be correct.


I need a fluent Swedish speaker to answer this... at least someone who knows the slang very well.

What is the difference between "ligger på" and "står i" in the activity?


I put sitter because I imagined boxes sitting rather than standing :/


varför 'står i', och inte 'ligger på'?

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