"Under en period av en månad"

Translation:During a period of a month

February 12, 2015

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"In the period of a month" is not acceptable?


Can someone help me understand why this is an incorrect translation?


I think it should be accepted here, actually.


'the period' would be 'perioden', so since it is 'en period' you have to translate it with 'a period', i guess.


Then why not In a period of a month? It has the same meaning as during a period of a month.


Should definitely be corrected


The US would say "over the period of a month" if meaning the whole month, not "during" which implies at some point within that month. I can't think of when anyone would say "during a period of a month." English teachers would put "awkward" and "vague" on it.


Why is the answer not "Under a period of a month"


I think that they have different meanings. In English, your answer would mean "in less than a month," whereas "Under en period av en månad" refers to something taking place over the course of a whole month.


The lady who speaks the sentence is quite difficult to understand.

"Under" sounds like "Undre" and "Period" sounds like "Perioden"...

I keep doing this wrong... Is there a way to correct that, please?


During a period of a month - feels like bad English During the period of a month - would be during the entire month During a period of the month -would mean during some part of the month in question During a period of a month indicates some period in some month - its clumsy and why bother with the month - during some period sometime - is that vague enough.

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    This sentence sounds unnecessarily wordy in English. It would be rejected by an editor.


    Totally agree. Very odd and clumsy English


    In another problem, "the woman of the decade" is translated as "årtiondets kvinna", and the comments note that you couldn't say "kvinnan av årtiondet" instead. Can you explain when the genitive is necessary in phrases like this, and when the "av" construction is ok?


    In another excerise it is "Under perioden från januari till mars" (or similiar) and here it is "under en period"!????? I do not understand the difference and why my translation ("Under perioden av en månad") is wrong.


    I would assume it has to do with the fact that Under perioden...=the period (specific) and Under en period=a period (not specific).


    Please tell me how you would say "in a month's time"?


    in a previous example i saw a comment saying that "under perioden av januari till mars" was incorrect as in swedish we don't use "av" for "of" in this kind of sentences and here there is the av can someone explain this to me?


    can you also use the word period for menstruation? like it is in german?


    I'm having trouble memorising the word for period in Swedish. Can anyone help me?


    Let this English teacher concur with the other comments. The proffered English translation to this sentence is so awkward it grates on an English speaker's ears. During the period of a month would sound far more natural. I do realize that en period is a month, though. Perhaps duo could eventually add the literal word for word translations to the actual, more normal sounding meanings? I know it's a big ask, of course. :)


    Yeah, the right answer for this one only crossed my mind as one too ridiculous to be right... imagine my irritation when I saw it WAS correct.


    The "av" sounds like dag.


    Is there a simpler way to say "for a month" in Swedish?


    Yes, i en månad.


    What's the difference between "under" and "på"? Both seem to mean "during"


    Can i use på instead of under?

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